About Us

Dedicated to improving your cash flow through better receivables management and collection software.


ARCollect has been developed by Profusion Software Solutions. We’ve been designing and developing receivables management and collection solutions for the past ten years. Our focus has always been on helping businesses improve their cash flow.

5000 companies across the globe use our products to manage their receivables more effectively.

We have the experience to know what it takes to collect receivables more effectively, and we’ve designed ARCollect with that expertise. ARCollect has been designed and developed specifically for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.


The philosophy behind ARCollect receivables management and collection software

ARCollect is designed for companies that are serious about managing their receivables collections process. Organizations that have a high receivables transaction volume, and a dedicated receivables team will benefit from our streamlined collections process.

We understand that effective collections activities are not simply the outcome of the receivables/admin department alone. Effective collections are the outcome of all departments throughout the organization doing what needs to be done to meet the expectations of the customer. Once those expectations have been met, effective communication and follow up with the customer is essential.

ARCollect provides management the visibility to accurately identify and quantify reasons for non-collection/late payment. It becomes easy to pinpoint whether the customer is stringing you along, or whether internal departments are causing issues that delay payment, or if it is your collection activities that need to be tightened up.
The reports generated by ARCollect talk to you. You will have a new level of business intelligence at your fingertips that is at once meaningful, and accurate.


Accurate Cash flow Forecasting is a given

We know that using percentages and trends to forecast cash flow is simply not accurate enough when it comes to running a business professionally. ARCollect enables you to forecast your cash flow for any given period based on actual commitments by customers.

ARCollect also makes it simple to keep track of customer commitments (we call them PTP’s : Promises to Pay). ARCollect automatically updates PTP’s to keep in sync with your accounting records – once a payment is received and allocated in QuickBooks, it is automatically updated in ARCollect.
Any missed promises are instantly trackable, resulting in efficient follow ups. Once your customers see how you manage their account, their payment behaviour will change. They may give other suppliers excuses, but your business will get paid on time. Our smart emailing system enables you to send payment reminders that also include details of Promises to Pay.


Emailing payment reminders

Organizations with high transaction volumes are not able to call each customer to secure payment. ARCollect enables you to send bulk payment reminders using customizable templates. Simply filter your ARCollect aging summary by aging period, and email customizable messages that are set up in pre-defined templates. The format of ARCollect’s payment reminders guarantee your email will receive attention from your customers. The result? Improved cash flow, and accounts that are kept up to date.