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Transforming AR & Collections

Revolutionizing Receivables Management Since 2008

AR Collect has been revolutionizing receivables management since we launched our first application in 2008.

We began life as one of the first companies to automate the management and collection of unpaid invoices, with the objective of making it easier for you to get paid faster.

Today, we provide technology that streamlines your collections processes with rich email functionality, combined with superb visibility of all the relevant data that you need to manage and collect your receivables faster.

Ultimately, AR Collect helps make the collections process a team effort by giving all members of your team the exact same information. Client Relationships will be improved by providing your customers with the most up to date information on their account. It has never been so easy for you to track all communications with your customers.

5 Stars on Apps.com

Dedicated to Improving Your Workflow

We’re a 5 star rated app on the Intuit Marketplace and are recommended by ProAdvisors the world over. Our software systems are used by over 5,500 business customers globally, who in turn benefit from efficient collections, cost savings, and real-time management of all collection activities.

We’re dedicated to improving your workflow which is why we listen to all of our user requests and are constantly updating AR Collect to provide you with the best collections software available today, and in the future.

The Reviews Are In

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I started using ARCollect about six months ago after trying other products that simply didn't do what I needed. Had ARCollect up and running in around half a day and it was chasing my invoices by the end of the week, if you get it setup right it can save you hours and drastically increase you cashflow. Stop thinking about it and get it, you won't regret it !!!

John Mansfield

This app is way underpriced. We can easily see customers with aged balances and more important take immediate action with an array of email template options. These templates are easily customized. We also get a nice view and report of those customers we contacted with follow up. The app is also super easy to use. We were sending emails to delinquent customers in a matter of minutes.

Danny Roselle

For months we struggled with the difficulty in getting statements out because of the nature of our business. We would have to create hybrid looks for our customers. When we discovered AR collect it eliminated what was a three-day process to a matter of hours. Being a software guy, you really never realize how easy a job can be if developers hear the needs of the clients, and AR collect has listened.